New This Month

Scatter Ashes East Coast of Canada and back.

The reason people hire me is to tell someone or some people something they don't

want to personally say. 

Most of my confessions are done after death for the deceased.

Just call,, email or fill out the form below we can work out the details.

I am for hire all around the world.

One of the top 10 regrets of the dying: Is words left unsaid

How it works.

  1. First step contact me, we can talk about what you need. Contact by email, the form above, call or text. Call will get the quickest answer.

  2. Second step we get all the details on paper. We will also record you on video, saying what you have hired us to do. We can do that in person or through video chat ideally in person. After we work out all the details. We have a contract ready or we can use something your lawyer might have.

  3. Last step you send us or we will pick up everything we will need to carry out this job. The retainer and all information.

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Contact a confessor 

We will message you back shortly.

Can you explain your services more simply? I have been asked this a few times. So putting it here.

The Personal confessor. I will say almost anything, that you can't say or don't want to, to anyone. 

Personal item pickup. I will come to wherever you need me to be and collect almost anything you don't want found.

Scatter ashes. I pick up your loved ones' ashes and scatter them anywhere you wish.